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Computational research

Applied Dataflow Research Ltd. (ADR) performs research into computational philosophy, both in the abstract and the practical.

Over seven years of research is contained in ADR’s philosophy known as Synergetics. Synergetics explains the physical manifestation of mathematics. From merely a handful of simple fundamental principles Synergetics becomes the superset of all other forms of computation and arising consequences include many naturally-observed phenomena such as quantum mechanical effects (e.g. superposition, action at a distance, reversal of cause and effect), relativistic effects, and even awareness, and solves many apparent paradoxes. The appearance of these phenomena within a Synergetic system is very useful when the principles are used as the basis of computer design because it leads to very simple solutions to otherwise complex technological problems.

In the computer industry, trillions of dollars are spent globally on technological ‘solutions’ to technological problems, yet very little is done to avoid the technological problems in the first place. It is ADR’s contention that most problems in computing exist because people believe that the problems must exist, and technological solutions to the problems are merely symptomatic reliefs and do not cure the underlying causes. Synergetics provides a tool by which the underlying causes can be identified and resolved with surprising ease, often with intuitive obviousness, and many of the problems which have stunted computer hardware and software development for well over a decade simply evaporate. In addition, the solutions found through Synergetics can often be implemented with ordinary logic circuitry using conventional silicon technology.